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Build It Yourself

Weekend Projects for the Garden


Analog Photography

Reference Manual for Shooting Film


Local Color

Seeing Place through Watercolor



The Elements of Floral Style

Coming Soon

Modern Fabric

Twenty-Five Designers on Their Inspiration and Craft


Typographic Knitting

From Pixel to Pattern


The Wild Dyer

A Maker's Guide to Natural Dyes with Projects to Create and Stitch


The Wood Carver's Dozen

A Collection of 12 Beautiful Projects for Beginners


The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide

How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures


Weaving on a Little Loom

Techniques, Patterns, and Projects for Beginners


Kitchen Lithography

Hand Printing at Home


DIY Dollhouse

Build and Decorate a Toy House Using Everyday Materials


Pinhole Cameras

A Do-It-Yourself Guide



A Comprehensive Guide to Folding, Sewing, & Binding


Making Books

A Guide to Creating Handcrafted Books


Handcrafted Maine

Art, Life, Harvest & Home

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Publish Your Photography Book

Revised and Updated

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