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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

"As a publisher, our aim is to represent the world as it truly is—diverse, multicultural, and full of individual experiences. Our commitment to publishing voices and stories that amplify those experiences and identities is both steadfast and ongoing. Our goals point to a publishing program that celebrates, respects, and heralds both our commonalities and our differences. We remain true to this message both in our workplace values and through the books and stationery products that we publish."  —Lynn Grady, Publisher, Princeton Architectural Press, a division of Chronicle Books

     Princeton Architectural Press is committed to the tenets of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this spirit, we recognize the need to take stock of not only what we publish but also whom we publish. We recognize the need to address our biases and how they shape the types of stories that we tell, the ideas we share, and the audiences we reach and reflect. We recognize the need to revise our internal practices and set out impactful commitments: to use our platform to elevate the voices and talents of BlPOC authors, editors, designers, and illustrators, as well as those of other long-underrepresented communities; to be an actively antiracist organization and to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the books and stationery we produce, as well as within the larger publishing community; and to be antiracist individuals who foster a welcoming and respectful work environment.
     To ensure that these efforts are fully integrated into our company’s practices and publishing program, we have initiated the following actions:

  • Acquisitions: reorienting our editorial acquisitions process to increase the number of BIPOC and underrepresented authors and designers on our list and taking responsibility for examining our internal biases as we seek to acquire new titles and collaborate with new authors.


  • Language: revising our in-house style guide to more precisely reflect inclusivity in all of our books and stationery products, as well as in our marketing and publicity efforts.


  • Hiring practices, including freelancers: creating relationships with BIPOC organizations to directly engage a more diverse pool of job applicants and freelance contributors (designers, illustrators, copy editors, and proofreaders).


  • Partnerships: supporting, sharing, and furthering the missions of BIPOC-led organizations in our local communities—New York City and Hudson, New York—through creative initiatives, book donations, and volunteer opportunities for our employees.


We will update this page as our processes, practices, and partnerships evolve.