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Welcome to the wonderful world of chickens!
This beloved barnyard bird is full of surprises.
Did you know that some chickens like to listen to music?
Or that chickens make great pets and emotional support animals?

Keep reading to learn more about Chickenology, coming February 2, 2020 and to download free Chickenology posters!

Four Amazing Chicken Facts!

Chickens make all different noises!

The henhouse is never a peaceful, quiet place: hens, roosters, and chicks can make lots of different noises, depending on their sex, age, situation, and what they want to communicate.

Chicken feathers can be of many colors, shades, and geometric patterns.

Plus, chickens don’t need a raincoat: their feathers protect them from the cold and water, even in the dead of winter. 

Combs come in all shapes and sizes!

Some types of combs are very common and widespread, whereas others are more unique and rare. Both chickens and roosters have combs, though many people believe only roosters do.

A chicken's superpower: 
300-degree field of vision

Thanks to their monocular vision, chickens
 can also look in different directions at the same time!

Meet the Illustrator!

Camilla Pintonato is an author, illustrator, and graphic designer based in Venice, Italy. She studied illustration at Mimaster in Milan and completed her master's degree in editorial design at ISIA in Urbino.

Camilla grew up with her grandfather's chickens, and wanted to show that chickens can be beautiful and companionable animals.

She was delighted to learn even more about chickens working with authors Barbara Sandri and Francesco Giubbilini, the creator of Italian website "Everything about Chickens."

Three Fascinating Breeds of Chickens


Notable features: The Sebright is one of the most elegant, most suave chickens, thanks to its fine white feathers edged in black.

Fun fact: This small breed of chicken is named after the nobleman Sir John Saunders Sebright, who managed to create the crossbreed in his splendid Besford Court in Worcestershire. 


Notable features: It is a very old breed, characterized by black skin and the silky feathers that give it its name—they look more like cat’s fur than chicken feathers.

Fun fact: Silkies have good protective instincts and trust humans, so much so that today they are often chosen for hen-therapy projects.

Ayam Cemani

Notable features: These chickens are black from tip to toe, as indicated by their name in Javanese. Their eyes, comb, ear, wattles, and even their internal organs and skeleton are black!

Fun fact: In popular Indonesian tradition, they symbolize healing and are even said to possess supernatural powers!

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