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Book Proposal Guidelines

Trade and Professional Books

Princeton Architectural Press welcomes book proposals for general and professional audiences in the following categories: architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, graphic design, visual culture, photography, craft, and gardening. We do not accept technical manuals or books of purely academic interest, such as unaltered master’s or doctoral theses.


We are happy to respond to query letters, but can make no decisions without the following information (delivered in electronic form only):


Proposal summary:



Author or editor(s)

One-sentence overview

Projected submission date for manuscript and illustrations

Word count (include endnotes and other back matter)

Image count (b/w, color)

Permissions (acquired, not acquired, in progress)

Contact information

Book description: 500-word maximum


Annotated table of contents: list and describe the essential content or argument presented in each component or chapter.


Sample text: include introduction and two sample chapters, representative project texts (monographs only), or writing sample on a related topic.


Sample illustrations: provide 20 to 30 representative images, with captions or labels.


Bio or CV: include for each author, editor, and contributor.


Audience: identify primary and secondary readership; if for academic course adoption, list courses and degree levels.


Competitive titles: list published or forthcoming works and explain how your book differs from or expands upon them; include title, author, publisher, year, format, pages, price, and ISBN.


Additional information: if applicable, list sources of project sponsorship or endorsement; describe plans for related exhibitions, symposia, or other events; name experts who have reviewed your research or manuscript; note any previously published components.


Please send your proposal as a PDF via email or file transfer service, such as WeTransfer, to File names must include author and book title. It may take up to two months to receive a response to your submission.

All proposals are treated with the utmost confidentiality, and any ideas or materials submitted to us remain the intellectual property of the author. Please direct submission questions to


Children's Books

Princeton Architectural Press publishes ten to twelve children’s books per year. We review fiction and general nonfiction picture books for children ages three to eight. Please note that we only review complete submissions, which include text and illustrations. Please send a low-resolution PDF of your proposal to We strive to acknowledge receipt of all proposals within one week. Thank you for considering Princeton Architectural Press.


Stationery and Gift

Paper + Goods is our line of smart, beautiful, and unexpected stationery products for visual thinkers: designers, architects, artists, and creatives of all kinds. We have published notecards, postcards, memory games, playing cards, pencil sets, blank journals, guided journals, notepads, games, paper clips, and rubber stamp sets. Our products are primarily paper-based, but not always. We welcome new format ideas in a range of materials. Paper + Goods are art-driven products; your proposal should be as visual as possible and include the following information:


Concept: Tell us about your idea. Why is it important or innovative? There is a lot of sparkly, funny, innovative, beautiful stationery out there. Why will someone pick up your product in a crowded marketplace and think it is essential?


Audience: Tell us who your product is for. What kinds of people will buy it? How do you know?


Comparable titles: These titles help us make the case that there’s a market for your product. What other stationery products that are related to your idea can you put forward as examples of the kind of success you think your product will have? Include title, author, publisher or company, year, format, price, and ISBN.


Competitive titles: These titles help us understand the environment that your product will live in. Who else is publishing similar titles? Include title, author, publisher or company, year, format, price, and ISBN.


Please submit proposals in PDF format only, either 8.5 x 11 inches or 11 x 17 inches via email or file transfer service, such as WeTransfer, to