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Sea Stamps Louise Lockhart

Sea Stamps

25 stamps + 2 ink pads

Louise Lockhart

Details: 25 wood-backed rubber stamps double pad / 2 colors of ink (teal and coral)
Publication Date: 03/24/2020
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616898946


Fins and shells, tails and scales, Sea Stamps is a spirited collection of twenty-five shapes and textures waiting to be mixed and matched to invent your own creatures in their sea surroundings—bustling tide pools, bright coral reefs, and magical ocean floors. The combinations are infinite!

Louise Lockhart is an illustrator living in an old mill in a small town in England. She spends her days creating designs from little paper cut outs and line drawings, dreaming up worlds where men still wear suits and hats. As well as working as a freelance illustrator, Lockhart also applies her illustrations to products for you and your home, which she sells in her online shop The Printed Peanut.