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Saws, Planes, and Scorps David Heim

Saws, Planes, and Scorps

Exceptional Woodworking Tools and Their Makers

David Heim

Details: Hardcover
Size: 7 x 10.5 IN
Pages: 224
Publication Date: 09/14/2021
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616899240


An exploration and celebration of high-quality hand tools for woodworking and the stories of the people who make them.

Take a peek inside the boutique shops and small factories of artisan woodworking toolmakers in North America, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, with behind-the-scenes photographs, profiles, interviews, and more. Saws, Planes, and Scorps covers every essential woodworking instrument, from spokeshaves to hand planes, with images and an introductory text for each tool. An engaging, inspiring, and informative read perfect for beginner and expert woodworkers, tool collectors, and lovers of great design.


"Artisans and their admirers will find ample material to savor in David Heim’s Saws, Planes and Scorps, a compendium of hand tools around the world."

– The New York Times

"Readers need not know a lump hammer from a bevel gauge to appreciate durable, efficient, and striking hand tools. A resurgent interest in handcrafts will draw in newbies as well as seasoned woodcrafters and collectors with an appreciation for tool function and design."

– Library Journal

"This book greatly enriched my understanding of and appreciation for the fuller range of maker tools that are out there. I think, for hand tool woodworkers, Heim’s book makes it clear that now is a great time to be alive and working wood."

– Highland Woodworking


David Heim is a prolific writer and editor specializing in woodworking. When he's not pecking away at his laptop, he can be found at the lathe, turning a bowl at his home in Oxford, Connecticut.