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Wally the World's Greatest Piano-Playing Wombat Ratha Tep, Camilla Pintonato

Wally the World's Greatest Piano-Playing Wombat

Camilla Pintonato Ratha Tep

Details: Hardcover
Size: 8.65 x 10.63 IN
Pages: 40
Publication Date: 10/18/2022
Rights: North America
ISBN: 9781648961809

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Wally was the world’s greatest piano-playing wombat—until he realized there was an even more talented piano-playing wombat in town! This funny picture book’s bright colors and imaginative musical scenes teach children to have self-confidence when faced with competition.

When Wally, the world’s greatest piano-playing wombat, hears Wylie play, he becomes envious. Wally tries toe-tapping and ball-twirling as he plays piano, but every time Wally thinks he’s one-upping the competition, he discovers Wylie can do all the same tricks.

Although Wally is discouraged at first, he soon realizes that competing with Wylie inspires them both to play better. And finding a friend to share what you love? That’s the best win of all. Both affirming and motivating, Wally’s story will resonate with young readers as they learn how to deal with competition and to do what makes them happy—even when they’re not the very best.

Ratha Tep is a frequent contributor to the New York Times and has reported from Paris, Milan, London, Zurich, and Dublin. She is now looking to create new worlds of her own, in which animal characters navigate their foibles and frailties with humor and spirit; Wally the World’s Greatest Piano-Playing Wombat is her debut picture book. She lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Camilla Pintonato is the author-illustrator of Full Moon and the illustrator for the Farm Animal series, Chickenology and Pigology. She lives in Venice, Italy.