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Victor Lundy Donna Kacmar

Victor Lundy

Artist Architect

Donna Kacmar

Details: Hardcover
Size: 8.5 X 10.5 IN
Pages: 240
Color: 50, 150 B/W
Publication Date: 10/30/2018
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616896614

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If you're looking for something new under the midcentury sun, Victor Lundy(born 1923) is a real find, an important yet underappreciated figure in the history ofAmerican architecture. Trained in both the Beaux Arts and Bauhaus traditions, hebuilt an impressive practice ranging from small-scale residential and commercialbuildings to expressive religious buildings and two preeminent institutional works:the US Tax Court Building in Washington, DC (now on the National Register ofHistoric Places), and the US Embassy in Sri Lanka.
This first book on Lundy's life and career documents his early work in the Sarasota School of Architecture, his churches, and his government buildings.In addition to essays on his use of light and material, many of the architect's originaldrawings, paintings, and sketches---including those from his travels throughoutEurope, the Middle East, India, and Mexico, now held at the Library of Congress---are reproduced here for the first time.

Donna Kacmar, FAIA, is a professor at the University of Houston, where sheteaches design studios and directs the Materials Research Collaborative. Sheis the author of Big Little House: Small Houses Designed by Architects.

Editorial Reviews

Hidden Architecture

Princeton Architectural Press takes on the difficult task of publishing the first book about Victor Lundy and does it with remarkable success....[T]his book provides a considered analysis of Lundy's life and projects. Victor Lundy Artist Architect is a necessary read to understand the work of an indispensable American architect of modern history.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

This is not just another architectural coffee-table book. Although all of the images are in black-and-white, there is plenty of visual appeal in the tasteful photographs of Lundy\uc0\u237 s curvaceous moldings of space. They make a strong case that Lundy was as talented as any Sarasota School architect. But the words count, too. Lundy's story is told not in archi-speak, but in a way that brings to life the process of architecture for lay people, as well as professional architects.