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Sleep Tight, Charlie Michael Escoffier, Kris Di Giacomo

Sleep Tight, Charlie

Michael Escoffier, Kris Di Giacomo

Details: Hardcover
Size: 9 X 11.75 IN
Pages: 56
Color: 24
Publication Date: 09/05/2017
Rights: NA
ISBN: 9781616895990

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It's been a busy day, and Charlie, like any tired rabbit, is ready for bed. He arranges his slippers and glass of water, finds his teddy bear, and checks to make sure there are no monsters under the bed. But just as he drifts off to sleep, TAP TAP TAP, a loud noise outside the window, wakes him up. It's not just the tapping of Bird that keeps him up, Squirrel starts cracking nuts, then Mouse begins playing on the swings. Will Charlie ever get some rest?! This playful and beautifully illustrated picture book is funny and entertaining. Charlie's humorous expressions, inspired by slapstick comedians like Charlie Chaplin, will make you laugh out loud at every turn.

Paris-based Kris Di Giacomo (enormous Smallness) is a noted illustrator of more than thirty children's books, including twenty with best-selling author Michael Escoffier, such as Take Away the A, The Day I Lost My Superpowers, and Where's the Baboon? He lives in Lyon, France.

Editorial Reviews

Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

Children involved with their own bedtime rituals will enjoy following the incremental dismantling of Charlie's. Voicing Charlie's confrontations with his neighbors and amping up the animals' annoying sounds make for a delightful ruckus and funny read-aloud. Sooty illustrations, dark humor, and deft pacing places this book on top of the stack.


Di Giacomo's richly textured illustrations in a muted palette depict expressive, quirky animals and scenarios and include subtle, witty story-enhancing details, from Charlie balancing objects from his busy day to the concluding reveal of a not-too-scary sleepless monster. Varying perspectives, text formatting, sound effects, and repetitive elements in the lively, descriptive narrative lend further humor and pep to this amusing bedtime tale.