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Psychobook Julian Rothenstein


Games, Tests, Questionnaires, Histories

Julian Rothenstein

Details: Hardcover (flexi)
Size: 8.25 X 11.75 IN
Pages: 192
Color: 128, 35 B/W
Publication Date: 09/06/2016
Rights: World English
ISBN: 9781616894924


Who knew a trip to the therapist could be so much fun, even aesthetically rewarding? Beyond sharing feelings or complaining about your mother, Psychobook reveals the rich history of psychological testing in a fascinating sideways look at classic testing methods, from word-association games to inkblots to personality tests.
Psychobook includes never-before-seen content from long-hidden archives, as well as reimagined tests from contemporary artists and writers, to try out yourself, at home or at parties. A great gift for the therapist in your life and the therapist in you, for anyone interested in the history of psychology and psychological paraphernalia, or for anyone who enjoys games and quizzes. Psychobook will brighten your day and outlook.

Julian Rothenstein is the publisher, editor, and designer of Redstone Press. He lives in London, England.