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Projects and Their Consequences Jesse Reiser, Nanako Umemoto

Projects and Their Consequences

Reiser + Umemoto

Jesse Reiser Nanako Umemoto

Details: Hardcover
Size: 9 X 12 IN
Pages: 320
Color: 400
Publication Date: 05/28/2019
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616897192


Projects and Their Consequences presents fifteen key projects from leading architectural thinkers Reiser + Umemoto. Projects and Their Consequences tracesthirty years of innovative, multidisciplinary investigations of form, structure, technique, and planning. Projects include large-scale studies of infrastructure forthe East River Corridor and Hudson Yards areas in Manhattan and the AlishanRailway in Taiwan, as well as schemes for cultural institutions including theNew Museum, Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, and University of Applied ArtsVienna. Also included are thought-provoking "textual projects": narrative worksthat blur the boundaries of art and architecture. Projects and Their Consequencesbalances incisive interviews and essays with more than 400 strikingly originaldrawings, collages, and paintings. Large-format and beautifully designed,it is a necessary volume for architects and those interested in the intersectionof architecture, art, and culture.

Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto are the founders and principals of RUR Architecture DPC, an internationally recognized design firm based in New York City.

Editorial Reviews

A Daily Dose of Architecture

What stands out from the many projects is not one or the other project, but the fact RUR was a consistent presence in high-profile competitions in the late 1990s and early 2000s....[T]he designs were influential through their publication in Assemblage, AD, and elsewhere. That their descriptions in Projects and Their Consequences are in the present rather than past tense makes them new again.

Metropolis Online

Architects who came of age in the mid-aughts have surely thumbed through, if not scrupulously underlined and dog-eared, the pages of Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto's 2006 Atlas of Novel Tectonics. The architects' follow-up work, Projects and Their Consequences, is a different animal. Spanning 30 years of practice, the book is far less portable and more ambitious than its predecessor, yet it has all the same magic.

Architect's Datafile (UK)

Projects and Their Consequences is certainly of interest not only to those who are keen to know more about what motivates this firm, and the thinking behind their projects. It's also an intriguing demonstration of the multi-dimensional nature of architecture itself (as well as running a practice), from the problem-solving to the highly artistic.

Architectural Record

The book, by Umemoto and Reiser, a protege of John Hejduk and Aldo Rossi, contains over three decades' worth of projects (many unbuilt, such as the 1998 East River Waterfront Plan), chronicled in assiduously footnoted text. Interspersed are interviews, film stills, and essays, as well as the duo's compelling black-and-white collages and sculptural models, which color and inform the descriptions. Designed to be stumbled upon rather than read through, the volume beautifully illustrates the firm's approach to architecture as a cultural form rather than as a product of 'laws, codes, performance criteria, and regimes of compliance.'