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Outside the Box Gail Anderson

Outside the Box

Hand-Drawn Packaging from Around the World

Gail Anderson

Details: Paperback
Size: 8 X 10 IN
Pages: 256
Color: 420
Publication Date: 10/06/2015
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616893361

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In an age of slick, computer-generated type and Photoshopped perfection, hand-drawn packing is enjoying a global resurgence. As shorthand for something more authentic, homegrown, handmade, or crafted, hand-drawn packaging is found on everything from supermarket eggs to Chipotle drink cups. In this exhaustive and lavishly illustrated survey, organized by four types---DIY, art, craft, and artisanal---Gail Anderson pulls back the curtain on the working processes and inspirations of forty letterers, illustrators, and designers from all around the world through insightful interviews, process sketches, and her infectious love of the medium.

  • Includes work from small, independent firms, like Martin Schmetzer in Sweden, and well-known international studios, like Pentagram and Sagmeister & Walsh.
  • Anderson is a former senior art director at Rolling Stone and partner at Anderson Newton Design.
  • Features a mix of designers and products from around the world, including Vietnam, Mexico, the United States, and Croatia.

Editorial Reviews


Shows how a twist of a talented wrist helps basic packaging transform into alluring, intriguing design specimens.

A satisfying little compendium of hand-drawn packaging design that spans many media and provides an undeniably refreshing counterpart to the slick, all-digitial work that dominates the shelves of our stores.