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Not Now Benjamin English

Not Now

The Procrastinator's Manual

Benjamin English

Size: 4.25 X 5.75 IN
Pages: 144
Color: 100
Publication Date: 04/14/2020
ISBN: 9781616898427


Struggling to realize your full procrastination potential? Finally, a primer for procrastinators has arrived. Not Now is an illustrated instruction manual that teaches novice and advanced procrastinators how to dally, dawdle, and lollygag their way to expert-level procrastination. Starting with simple exercises, such as "sit" and "pace," instructions gradually advance in complexity and futility---"learn how to write in your non-dominant hand," "color coordinate your bookshelves to look like a Pantone color guide"---and eventually reach master level: "learn a new language by correspondence course, pack your bags, and move to another country."

Benjamin English is a graphic designer based in Kingston, New York.