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Grafica della Strada Louise Fili

Grafica della Strada

The Signs of Italy

Louise Fili

Details: Hardcover
Size: 9 X 6.5 IN
Pages: 264
Color: 440
Publication Date: 09/02/2014
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616892692

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For more than three decades, renowned graphic designer and self described Italophile Louise Fili has traveled the cities and countryside of Italy cataloging the work of sign craftsmen in whose hands type takes on new life with a tantalizing menu of styles. Classical, eclectic, or Futurist; in gold leaf, marble, brass, wood, wrought iron, enamel, ceramic, or neon; painted, carved, inlaid, etched, tiled, or stenciled, the creative possibilities are endless. Grafica della Strada is Fili's photographic diary of hundreds of Italy s most inventive restaurant, shop, hotel, street, and advertising signs. A major influence on Fili's own work, many of these marvels of vernacular design live on solely in this book, a typographic love letter to Italy that will be an inspiration to designers and Italophiles everywhere.
  • Includes signage of Bologna, Florence, Lucca, Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Vicenza, and elsewhere
  • Features a profile of Italian gold-leaf sign painter Sandro Ponzi, juxtaposing his handdrawn designs with the vintage typography that inspires him
  • Documents the jaunty beach-club signs of the seaside resort of Viareggio

Louise Fili is director of Louise Fili Ltd, a member of the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame, a recipient of the AIGA Medal for lifetime achievement, and the author of the bestselling Elegantissima


Cool Hunting

A treasure for all---especially those seeking inspiration in typeface and art direction.

Acejet-170 design blog

For over twenty years Louise Fili has been snapping away at Italy's signage. 440 of those photos have now been wrapped up in a rather handsome hard cover and published. Grafica della Strada celebrates the display typography of her favorite European destination.

I wish everyone could experience the magic of Italy firsthand. In the meantime, Grafica della Strada: The Signs of Italy offers a marvelous taste of the visuals I've found so captivating. Literally a photo flip-book of signs from across the country --- storefronts, road signs, street art, and more --- it captures how Italy's elevated design aesthetic plays into everyday life... We can all use a reminder that life is as beautiful as we make it.

Design Observer

A visual conrocopia of typographic signs photographed in her beloved Italy...a reminder that design skill is not only a function of what we make, but manifests, too, in what we mindfully choose to record.

A very unique approach to an aspect of Italy that often times is forgotten or simply goes unnoticed, but that nevertheless is a part of its artistic heritage.

While different, each [sign] clearly exhibits hints of that wonderful Italian style that first charmed Fili and it will certainly have the same effect on you.

Italian America & Book Club

A beautifully designed book full of beautiful signs.


Louise Fili has done it again. The designer of all things bello, including stunning packaging and branding for the likes of Jean-Georges, Tiffany & Co., and Sarabeth's, turns her Italophilic eye to signage in the pages of Grafica della Strada: The Signs of Italy. The chunky yet compact book is a photographic diary of sorts, revealing the most inventive restaurant, hotel, street, and advertising signs spotted by Fili over three decades' worth of Italian travels.

Elle Decor

Playful and bold, these signs evoke the charm and bustle of Italy's vital urban life.

Communication Arts magazine

More than just a visual feast, the journal will ignite the senses of anyone who has traveled in the country...The book is packed with brilliant type specimens, and rather than providing in-depth context, Fili lets her photographs do the talking.

Entertainment Weekly

Forget the museums---the street signs are beautiful too. In Italy, even storefront lettering and advertisements contain visual gems.