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Design/Build with Jersey Devil Hailey, Charlie

Design/Build with Jersey Devil

A Handbook for Education and Practice

Charlie Hailey

Size: 7 X 8.5 IN
Pages: 144
Color: 80, 20 B/W
Publication Date: 07/19/2016
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616893569

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Steve Badanes, Jim Adamson, and John Ringel believe an architect's job does not stop at designing a building, but that it extends to constructing it as well. Now working into their fth decade, Jersey Devil, the loose-knit group they founded in 1972, bands together under this design/build ethos that an architect's place is just as much on the job site as it is at the drawing board.The trio pioneered design/build practice and their in uence has spawned more than one hundred design/build programs. Jersey Devil's process and expertise are unpacked in this Architecture Brief, providing students and teachers with a toolkit for design/build education.Through stories, didactic commentary, and sample exercises, the Design/Build complements nuts-and-bolts content with Jersey Devil's philosophy and perspective, allowing the book to impart practical instruction while acting as a valuable guide for navigating the elusive challenges of design/build. Themes touch on socially responsible architecture, intuition and intentionality, detailing and fostering craftsmanship, group work and collaboration, o -the-shelf components and nonstandard applications, educational reform, ethos and risk, good life and play, the politics of building, and university-community relations.

Charlie Hailey is an architecture professor at the University of Florida, where he teaches design, history, theory, and design/build courses.

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Design/Build with Jersey Devil: A Handbook for Education and Practice is a wonderful mixture of history, interviews, experiments and how-to's, all focused around the design/build pedagogy and practice of its 1970s pioneers, Jersey Devil.