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A2Z+ Julian Rothenstein, Mel Gooding


Alphabets & Signs

Julian Rothenstein Mel Gooding

Details: Paperback
Size: 11.75 X 8.25 IN
Pages: 320
Color: 260, 60 B/W
Publication Date: 04/03/2018
Rights: NA
ISBN: 9781616897079

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Now in its fourth iteration, revised and dramatically expanded with over 100 new pages, Julian Rothenstein's classic compendium, A2Z remains the ultimate source for unusual, inventive fonts not found anywhere else: the "Tippler" alphabet created from an elegant, drunk man's meanderings, one based on ink spots, and another derived from an avant-garde Czech ballet. Eye test charts assert their modernist merit, and a Russian graphic simplifies the connection between agriculture and industry in elegant Constructivist type. Culled from books, advertisements, packaging, posters, and technical manuals from around the world, this off-beat collection is the perfect inspiration for designers, history buffs and anyone else interested in remarkable typefaces, symbols, and patterns.

Julian Rothenstein is the publisher of Redstone Press, an editor, and designer. His prior books include Psychobook and The Blind Photographer. He lives in London, England.

Editorial Reviews

Technical Communication

A collection of 'alphabets intended to find their public realization on shop fronts and bar signs, elegant eye charges for the optician's patient, letters and signs for technical manuals, fine typographies for beautiful books, a magisterial Constructivist alphabetic ballet, and so on' I encourage you to pick up A2Z+: Alphabets & Signs and find your favorite designs; there are a multitude to choose from.

Design Issues

Over a decade ago, Julian Rothenstein published A2Z, a cornucopia of unconventional alphabets, emblems, letters, and signs to inspire practical and creative use. A2Z+ is a continuation that contains a newly discovered wealth of rare graphics and ephemera including the statistical charts of black activist W.E.B. Du Bois. Thoughtfully produced and detailed, this version is an indispensable source of ideas and inspiration for adaptive contemporary typographic reinterpretation.