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An incredible story about the redemptive power of art
Beaten and left for dead in 2000, Mark Hogencamp awoke from a nine-day coma with no memory of his prior life. To reconstruct his past, Hogancamp built, in his backyard, Marwencol, an imaginary village set in World War II Belgium, where everybody is welcome---Germans, Americans, French, British, and Russians---and where Hogencamp creates vivid tableaux based on the characters there, extraordinary images and stories inside an even more extraordinary one.
An interactive introduction to the revered painter
Three-dimensional pop-ups, removable artwork, flaps and tabs, make this art activity for young readers of all ages interested in learning more about this Dutch master. Covers Van Gogh's most productive period in Arles, 1888 to 1889, when he created several of his most famous works, such as Bedroom in Arles, his series on sunflowers, and Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat.
1,100 Posters from Around the World
Theater posters of the world's most-loved playwright, representing several centuries and 55 countries from Japan to Columbia, are collected in this first comprehensive overview. A must-have for fans of the Bard of Avon, theater-goers, and designers.
Make your own festive ornaments!
These bold and colorful small boxes are quickly and easily assembled by simple folding and attaching a shimmering gold hanging thread. Use them as ornaments, gift boxes, or party favors, then store them in the sturdy attractive keepsake box.
A comprehensive guide to modern living
Featuring tools, tutorials, and beautifully drawn illustrations, The Kauffman Mercantile Guide is an indispensable handbook for learning what we ought to know how to do, as well as what we'd like to.
The Street and Shop SIgns of the City of Light
Graphique de la Rue is Louise Fili's photographic diary of hundreds of Paris's most inventive restaurant, shop, hotel, street, and advertising signs. Classic neon cafe signs sit next to dramatic facades of the Moulin Rouge and the Folies Bergeeres. Colorful mosaics cheerfully announce hotel entrances, department stores, fishmongers, and public toilets. Guimard's legendary entrances to the Metro stations brush elbows with graceful gold-leaf and dimensional Art Deco, Futurist, or Art Nouveau architectural lettering, as well as whimsical pictorial signs (giant eyeglasses announce optiques, and oversized hanging shears indicate a knife and scissors maker). A must for any lover of or in Paris.
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