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The Brownstone Paula Scher, Stan Mack

The Brownstone

Paula Scher, Stan Mack

Details: Hardcover
Size: 8 X 11 IN
Pages: 32
Color: 17
Publication Date: 01/05/2016
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616894283


Living in harmony with your neighbor isn't always easy, but it's doubly difficult if you're a bear living in a New York City brownstone, getting ready to hibernate, and the kangaroos' tap dancing upstairs and Miss Cat's piano playing reverberate through the walls and floors. But Miss Cat has her own complaint: the cooking smells from the pigs downstairs. Happily, the wise owl landlord rearranges everybody so they can live in peace. This warm and funny story, slightly revised from the 1972 original, shows the young reader that you can learn to respect and live with others who are different from you.

  • A humorous and gentle reminder that it's important to learn, starting at an early age, how to appreciate differences in others.IIllustrated by Stan Mack, much-beloved author/ illustrator of "Stan Mack's Real Life Funnies," which ran in the Village Voice from 1975 to 1995.

Paula Scher is a managing partner for Pentagram and the author of Make It Bigger and Paula Scher Maps.

Editorial Reviews


Mr. Bear and his family have just settled down for their winter naps when they are rudely awoken by Miss Cat singing across the hall in their brownstone. This reprinted tale about neighborly behavior is also about the quirks of architecture---and the illustrations from 1972 match the charm of the story.

School Library Journal

A wonderful read-aloud...Repetitive text, plenty of sound effects, and increasing hullabaloo lend the story the feel of an old yarn. The pen-and-ink drawings by Stan Mack add humorous details and a cheerful, almost Seussian absurdity.

Wall Street Journal

Like the tiles in a sliding puzzle, the animal inhabitants of a three-story townhouse in The Brownstone have to move around many times, left to right, up and down and sometimes back again, before everyone slots into the right place to live. This 1973 picture book, now back in print, pairs a pleasantly confusing story by graphic designer Paula Scher with Stan Mack's color-daubed, wobbly-lined drawings. In scenes that will resonate with apartment dwellers, the trouble starts when the bear family tries to hibernate just as Miss Cat begins her voice exercises. Before long, everyone in the building (including the pig and mouse clans and a dancing kangaroo couple on the top floor) starts madly swapping apartments in an effort to find the arrangement that suits everyone best.

Shelf Awareness, Starred Review

Paula Scher's entertaining story, packed with sound effects from CRASH! to THUMP-THUMP-THUMPETY-THUMP! is wonderful to read aloud, and the splendid pen-and-ink illustrations by Stan Mack will delight a new generation in this 2016 edition of the 1973 classic ... . A fabulous, funny ode to cacophonous but ultimately harmonious problem-solving.

Brain Pickings

Playful assurance that however vast our differences, there is always a mutually satisfying solution to be found.

New York Times

A charming, timeless story becomes also a hugely entertaining brain teaser. Bursting with color, this handsome new edition really shows off Mack's witty drawings.