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Look, It's Raining Mathieu Pierloot, Maria Dek

Look, It's Raining

Maria Dek Mathieu Pierloot

Details: Hardcover
Size: 8.5 X 11 IN
Pages: 44
Publication Date: 09/17/2019
Rights: North America
ISBN: 9781616898281

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It's Sunday, and Camille, having finished her school work, is feeling a little bored. Her parents are busy with their own projects, so she puts on her raincoat and goes outside to play. Suddenly she hears the thunder roar, and shivers with excitement. She sticks out her tongue to catch raindrops. They taste like clouds. She notices a group of red ants zigzagging along a trail and asks "Where are you going?" The ants reply, "We're going to a show." Camille embarks on an adventure to discover what the show is about and the astounding beauty to be found by closely observing her surroundings.

Mathieu Pierloot is an elementary school teacher in Brussels, Belgium. This is his first picture book to be published in English.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

In Pierloot's U.S. debut, this wonder-filled rainy-day reverie follows a bored girl, Camille, who escapes her house to cavort in a downpour. She drinks a little rain and chats with creatures on their way to a mysterious 'show,' which Dek reveals in a beautiful spread. The story's 'zigzags and spins' create an uneven rhythm, but they echo the girl's own meandering and leave opportunities to pause and ponder. Her delight at her freedom is palpable in the flat-planed, saturated watercolors, which evoke a sense of petrichor and childlike whimsy. Playful details lend a sheen of fantasy to match the child's imaginative curiosity. This inviting title will likely suit young nature-revelers and encourage rainy day wandering and wondering.

School Library Journal

Bright, vibrant illustrations bring the feeling of being in Camille's backyard into readers' minds. The text accompanying these images is likewise detailed, using elegant simile and metaphor to create a sensory experience. Shorter text and large visuals make this book accessible to young children, but the book's appeal stretches to older readers, as well. The story's design leads to an inevitable guessing game about what the 'show' really is, culminating in a silent, mesmerizing, and impactful moment. As Camille encourages her parents to venture outside with her, so too does her story inspire readers to discover the 'shows' happening in their own backyards. A beautiful pairing of sensory text and illustrations creates a perfect invitation for readers to investigate the world around them.

Horn Book Magazine

In this homage to the beauty of the natural world, a young girl's boredom becomes the catalyst for an afternoon spent outside. Watercolor illustrations in warm jewel tones reflect the unpretentious and startling beauty that Camille discovers in her own backyard. Unassuming and earnest, this story gently beckons readers to step outside, 'where there's always a show to see.'