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People Kissing Barbara Levine, Paige Ramey

People Kissing

A Century of Photographs

Barbara Levine Paige Ramey

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Details: Hardcover
Size: 5 X 7.5 IN
Pages: 144
Publication Date: 12/25/2018
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616897642

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Love is in the air as Barbara Levine and Paige Ramey take on humankind's oldest pastime: kissing. In racy candids, humorous vintage postcards, and snapshots taken on the sly, couples from the Victorian era through the Swinging Sixties smooch, canoodle, neck, and spoon. The collected photographs are sweet, sincere, and saucy, occasionally awkward, and always intriguing: Who took these photos? And what lay in store for these amorous couples after the shutter clicked—true love or just a passing fancy? People Kissing is the perfect gift to share with a sweetheart any day you feel like making a public display of affection.

Barbara Levine and Paige Ramey are collectors, artists, and curators specializing in vernacular photography and offbeat collections. They run Project B, a found photo archive and curatorial services company. They live in Houston, Texas, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Editorial Reviews

The Financial Times

In their latest book, People Kissing, Barbara Levine and Paige Ramey--who describe themselves as artists who collect and archivists who curate--continue their exploration of vintage vernacular photography by examining the act of kissing. Acquiring old photographs and postcards from eBay, garage sales and via donations, Levine and Ramey have previously looked at themes such as fishing and knitting. This compilation stretches back to the late 19th century and documents everything from the light-hearted peck on the cheek to the passionate embrace.

PRINT Online

People Kissing: A Century of Photographs by Barbara Levine and Paige Ramey, is not to be missed...I'm not always a fan of such thematic, nostalgic pictorial revues, but People Kissing is truly charming in so many loving, heartfelt and witty ways.

Marie Claire Italia

Proust said that 'every kiss calls other kisses.' Barbara Levine and Paige Ramey, artists and Texas collectors, confirm the assumption by publishing a book called People Kissing (Princeton Architectural Press). A journey through time, from the Victorian era to Swingin 'London, told with private, public, bizarre and often unknown images of the most romantic gesture there is. For lovers of all ages.

The New York Times

Kissing--that simple act of romance--is a hard thing to explain. But Barbara Levine and Paige Ramey of Project B, a group dedicated to collecting and preserving vintage vernacular photography, are trying.

Philadelphia Inquirer

Mwah...People Kissing stresses the delightful, charming side of the kiss as a signal of desire, passion, friendship, and familial love. Rich, delicious, sweet, those are pretty much the kisses the camera loves the most--especially when just-folks are taking photos of just-folks. What fun that act itself is, naughty, a tease, remembrance, evidence. I caught you!

Daily Mail

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show someone you love them than giving them this romantic book.


In [People Kissing]'s pages, there are lusty, supine caresses with ties akimbo and shoes urgently cast off, or sweet, innocent nuzzles delivered in public. There is young love, same-sex love, mixed-race love, and senior love. There are kisses cast into the air, planted passionately on necks, or stolen in the curtained semi-secrecy of a photo booth. Some are staged with great care; others are wildly spontaneous.