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Paper Zoo Oscar Sabini

Paper Zoo

Oscar Sabini

Details: Concealed wiro binding with die-cut cover
Size: 12.625 X 9.5 IN
Pages: 20
Publication Date: 10/06/2015
Rights: North America
ISBN: 9781616894399

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This ingenious and charming activity book makes it possible for anybody, ages three and up, to create colorful animal collages.Young artists tear apart decorated sheets of patterned paper, either their own or those found in the back of the book, paste them onto blank cards, also provided, and then slip them into the book's cleverly designed paper pockets with eight different animal-shaped windows, including a roaring lion, a splashing hippo, a colorful toucan, a trumpeting elephant, a snapping crocodile, a naughty monkey, a dashing bear, and a group portrait!

  • Sabini's inspirational collage illustrations, shown on each spread of the book, are fun to look at in their own right and serve as inspiration for combining shapes and colors.
  • Collage illustrations, such as the work by Eric Carle and Lauren Child, continue to be popular with children, who respond well to the style and also enjoy making collage pictures themselves.
  • The approach of Paper Zoo is innovative, and the bold, colorful collages it makes are instantly gratifying.
  • Unlike most children's activity books, Paper Zoo can be used over and over to create characterful new animals with different colored papers.
  • The simple design of the package makes it a perfect gift.