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Up on the Roof
New York's Hidden Skyline Spaces
Alex MacLean

ISBN 9781616890506
Publication date 5/12/2012
9 x 12 inches (22.9 x 30.5 cm), Hardcover
240 pages, 200 color illustrations
Rights: World English excluding Europe; Carton qty: 0; (545.0)

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For over thirty years, trained architect-turned photographer/ pilot Alex MacLean has documented the American landscape from the air. His remarkable photographs capture the surreal beauty of the visual patterns formed by the intersection of natural and constructed environments. In Up on the Roof, MacLean directs his lens at the rarely seen top floor of New York City and reveals a hidden world of amazing complexity, diversity, and life. Alongside the city's famous water towers are pools, sunbathers, tennis courts, art, restaurants, gardens, and solar panels. MacLean's photographs leave little doubt about New York City's green potential and the belief that improved outdoor spaces above lead to more livable cities below. Maps and captions help the reader to easily identify the photographs. Whether you are new to the city native born, this fascinating look at hidden New York will be a revelation.

Editorial Reviews

The Daily Beast:
"Breathtaking, dreamy... MacLean captures New York from the sky, rife with everything from playgrounds to hydroponic farms."

"This is really what a coffee table book should be: interesting, beautiful, and enjoyable. MacLean hits on all levels, and he has done it with a completely off-the-wall subject. Well done!"

CASA Vogue:
"And indeed one climbs high flipping through Up on the Roof: New Yorks hidden skyline spaces (Princeton Architectural Press), the latest, fascinating work of Alex MacLean, an architect with a masters degree from Harvard who has translated his passion for flight and photography into a profession and an art."

Wall Street Journal:
"If you've ever wondered who has the most splendid roof in New York (though I realize that's a subjective judgment), the most lushly planted, the prettiest pool, etc., your curiosity may be appeased thanks to photojournalist Alex MacLean, who has documented seemingly every roof worth shooting in the city."

New York:
"Ah, the New York skyline. Youve seen it, you know it, you love it. In his new book, however, photographer and pilot Alex MacLean presents the same landscape from a less familiar angle. Up on the Roof: New Yorks Hidden Skyline Spaces captures 200 of the citys most impressive rooftops from hundreds of feet above. Shot by MacLean from a helicopter, the tour flits from the tourist-riddled observation deck of Rockefeller Center to sunbathers lounging atop the Penny Lane building to the graffiti-scrawled 5 Pointz Aerosol Art Center in Long Island City."

New York Post:
"These NYers are really roofin it... Aerial photographer Alex MacLean captured a rare birds eye view of these little slices of heaven in his new book, Up on the Roof. "

The New York Times:
"Compelling and revealing... Mr. MacLean was described almost 20 years ago in The New York Times Magazine as 'an artist and a sociologist.' Cumulatively, his pictures of New York illustrate a city that has intuitively understood for a long time the value of a 'green roof,' and seems poised to exploit the potential."

Lonely Planet:
"A new perspective on one of the world's most photographed cities."

Its Nice That:
"Gorgeous... Up On The Roof focuses on the amazing top-floor world of New York City we may be vaguely aware of but rarely see, from swimming pools to eco-spaces, swanky bars to empty stretches, its a fascinating compendium of stunning sky-high imagery."

The Independent (UK):
"Organic farms, swimming pools, even a vintage plane New York's skyline has hidden delights, as aerial photographer Alex MacLean discovered."

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